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Interior Layout Design

One of the services that I excel in that other independent authors and publishers have been contracting with me quite frequently is the interior design and layout service. I have a lot of repeat customers who come back around for interior layout design services because they are very happy with my skill.

My customers experience a true caring touch, persistently adhering to job deadlines, and flexibility to cater to specific needs and circumstances. As my customer, you will find my pricing exceptional for the level of quality and personal care you will receive as we partner in making your interior design the best that it can be.

Please note that I do not put pricing on my website because every book project is different and I specialize my quotes based on what your book needs. Customers have often related that my pricing  is reasonable and fair.

Layout Samples

I have found that the one area that makes or breaks a book and will determine if readers can enjoy reading it or not is interior design/typesetting/layout/formatting. This is a vital part of product development that must be done by professionals, those who know what they are doing or the project will not turn out right.

Below you will see samples of books before they were put into layout and after. Click on the after image to bring up a multiple-page sample. (For multi-page samples the best view is 2-up with a cover page so it appears in book form).

BEFORE- Healed!
AFTER- Healed!
BEFORE-The Psalms, Poetry on Fire, The Passion Translation
AFTER- The Psalms, Poetry on Fire, The Passion Translation
BEFORE-The Transformed Life
BEFORE- The Miracle at Hope's End
AFTER-The Transformed Life
AFTER-The Miracle at Hope's End

Other Layout Examples

Click on the book’s cover image below to view a PDF sample of the interior of the book in a new window.