Broken To Beautiful: A Book Redesign Project

In 2010, about a year after we started our publishing company, a friend from Maine came to us with a situation. A good friend of hers had passed away after battling with a spinal muscular disease, and her one and only book had been poorly designed and manufactured. Because this novel was based on the real life events of her friend, this woman was compelled to see the book get a “facelift” so it could be a proper representation of the beautiful person it was centered around.

Just after we signed on for the project, I was given the cover image that was used for the book — and it was truly an amazing picture! Then we got a copy of the book and I was dumbfounded of how such a beautiful picture could end up looking so horrible for the cover design. It looked like they took a low-resolution, washed out version of the cover image and just stretched it out to fill the page. It was not only distorted, but looked extremely pixilated. Then it got worse: when you opened the book, pages started falling out on the floor because the spine was not glued correctly. To top it off, the layout was just a basic “slap the text in” type of boring design with nothing to help the readers eyes move across the page, nothing that made it flow easily for the reader. Apparently the person who had published it before was using their own equipment set up in their kitchen, and charging a lot of money for shoddy work. I was told that when they had an event when the book had first been released, people had purchased the book and opened it up to peek through it and pages were falling out all over the place! Ridiculous!

It truly made me upset when I saw the condition of this book and when I was told how much they had paid for it to be done. We were hired to redesign this book and give it the justice it deserved. I truly poured my heart into this book, inside and out. I was determined to bring out the beauty of the imagery and make the inside not only flow with the cover, but to add some special little touches that were sorely lacking before.

The result? We turned something that had been very broken into a book that really showed the beauty and strength of the author who had passed on. It was a project I will never forget, and I was glad to be a part of.

Here are the before and after pictures of the cover of I Can Dance; A Soul’s Cry of Freedom by Kimberly Millard

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