Cathy Sanders was the head of product development for an international publishing company for nine years, helping to produce over 200 books during that time. She was the main person who either oversaw or did the work for the interior and cover designs for all of these books, giving her a lot of skill and expertise in book design. One project directly under her care has sold over 3 million copies.

Sometimes the best path for your book isn’t necessarily to pitch it to a publisher; you need quality cover and interior files so you can print and distribute your book directly—without losing quality. The biggest mistake most authors make in self-publishing is that they cut corners on production and settle for lower-rate design files. They are left discouraged with their final product with a long list of “should-haves.” Don’t do this to your book! Consider hiring a professional like me to partner with to create a quality book that you will be happy with. Regardless of what path you take with publishing, whether it is pitching the book to a publisher or going on your own and self-publishing, I can help you through the entire process.

Main Services Offered

Interior Layout Design

Interior layout design can easily make or break the readability of a book. This is a vital part of product development that must be done by professionals, those who know what they are doing or the project will not turn out right. Independent authors and publishers contract with me frequently for layout because of the level of quality and customer care they receive from me.

Full Book Cover Design

Your book’s cover is vitally important to the success of your book. You might not have realized it, but the average reader will make a decision about your book in just 3 seconds. The front and back cover of your book need to attract their eyes, pull them in, and keep them hooked! I have fully designed or teamed up with other designers to create over 200 reader-capturing book covers.

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Why CS Book Design? Andy and Cathy Sanders:

  • Have over 30 years of book publishing experience combined
  • Are both international writers
  • Helped build 12 publishing houses
  • Established over 300 authors
  • Are the first publishers of The Passion Translation

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“We are so grateful to the expertise and blessing that Cathy Sanders has been to us! We launched our first title in 2010 and have found Cathy to be nothing but a professional who will help guide your way as an author. The Passion Translation was launched by the skill of Cathy and her team. We will be forever grateful for the years we spent with her services.”

Dr. Brian Simmons
Lead Translator, The Passion Translation

“With many years of experience, Cathy Sanders is the top of the line professionally and spiritually in publishing and writing to advance God’s kingdom. Cathy went the second mile to make sure my projects were completed on time and with excellence.”

Bill Yount
Author, Elijah List Contributor

“It’s rare to find people in any industry who are radically committed to leading with both uncompromisable integrity and excellence. Cathy Sanders is one of those people. With great enthusiasm I am thrilled to recommend her to you.”

John Burton
Author, Charisma Media Contributor